NLP Weight Loss Week 1: Day 1

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Today is the first day of my NLP weight loss program. I’m learning this program from one of our iNLP Center coaches, Rosella Tocco. It’s based on the work of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, specifically on what we call the naturally slender eating strategy.

This post will be a record of day 1 on week 1.

It’s 11:20 AM and I just ate breakfast – but not according to the program guidelines. Here I am feeling full and ready to learn the next steps.

From what Rosella told me, this is what I should do:

Eat only when hungry.

Years of dieting, overeating, and munching on processed foods has theoretically blocked my natural hunger signals. The focus of this entire week is to get back in touch with true hunger signals.

What are true hunger signals?

There doesn’t seem to be any definitive answer other than to discover your individual hunger signals. Common signals to draw from are:

  1. Gurgling stomach
  2. Compelling feeling for food felt in the throat
  3. Salivation
  4. All of the above accompanied by compelling thoughts of food.

And when I do eat, follow these guidelines:


  • Use slow motion
  • Choose what you WANT to eat – up to two things
  • Chew 20-30 times – until liquid
  • Put your fork or food down between bites
  • Leave some food in the dish when done
  • Wait for hunger before eating again



Here is my eating journal for the day…

11:00 AM: I ate breakfast before I started the program, officially. That was business as usual.

7:30 PM: I ate dinner.

11:00 PM: A snack.

During the day, I noticed at least 10 examples of false hunger. It was a combination of habit and stress. Suddenly, I’d have thoughts of eating but when I checked how I really felt, there was either minimal feeling in my belly or a mild anxiety. Not hunger.

At 7:30 PM I felt actual hunger, so I ate until I felt satisfied. It was a lot less than usual.

I ate slowly, chewing the food thoroughly and until my natural swallow reflex kicked in. It was easy and more enjoyable than my typical eating, which seemed to be all about getting to the bottom of the bowl.