How to Know When you’re Hungry

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Years of dieting and eating junk can ruin your hunger symptoms. To make this NLP-based weight loss program work, it all begins with knowing when you’re hungry – recognizing the signs of hunger – and avoiding food when you experience false hunger.

It’s fair to admit that I do not eat when I am truly hungry. I don’t wait that long between meals. In fact, some experts – mainly from the bodybuilding industry – warn you not to wait until you’re hungry before eating. They advocate eating according to a program of 5-6 meals daily, regardless of any signals from your body.

This weight loss program is based on knowing your body, not following a spelled-out protocol. To do that we need to learn to recognize when our body is actually hungry for nourishment.

On day one of my personal weight loss program, I had to start researching how to recognize hunger! I felt a bit sad that, while I knew how much sense this makes, it wasn’t something I was in touch with on a practical level.

It’s not about hunger in general.

This is about your personal signs of hunger. You need to know when your body calls for nourishment.