Starting the Weight Loss Program

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Today I begin a new weight loss program that will become part of the iNLP Center catalog of life coaching programs.

My goal is to test the program on myself. This is discouraging because I’ve been a chronic weight loss pursuer for too many years to count and I’m currently about 50 pounds overweight.

Let’s get this straight:

  1. Years of chronic dieting.
  2. 50 pounds overweight.

It’s safe to say that my weight issues are caused by chronic dieting. Once you begin the diet roller coaster, it’s hard to get off. I’m trying a totally new approach here, created by an iNLP Center trainer, Rosell Tocco. Rosella lost 25kg – around 50 pounds – using this system.

I haven’t learned the system yet, but it uses the power of NLP and NOT dieting in order to accomplish the goal. That’s how much I know!