7 Common Migraine Myths – Don’t Be Misled Anymore and Learn the Truth!

Migraines are perhaps the most misunderstood type of headache out there. Between misdiagnosis, self-diagnosis and just plain-and-simple false information, it can be difficult as an actual migraine sufferer to discern fact from fiction.

Today I’m going to shed a little light on the most common migraine myths. Having struggled with migraines for nearly a decade, you can trust that by now I know my stuff. Keep reading to learn the truth about your migraines.

Stress Causes Migraines

While it can certainly trigger migraines, stress is never what physiologically makes a person suffer from migraines. In other words, just because you have a high-speed lifestyle doesn’t mean you’re naturally inclined to get migraines.

Migraines Are What Weak People Call Headaches

Absolutely not, and I’d gladly slap some sense into anyone that disagrees with me. Trust me, migraines are real, and they are not the same thing as normal headaches. They are more severe, harder to treat, and near impossible to permanently cure – The best we hope for is management.

Only Uptight Folks Get Migraines

Once again, we do not know the cause of migraines, but it is not related to personality types. I have met both laid back and uptight people who get migraines, and I’m sure you have to – there is simply no connection.

Sinus Problems, Dental Problems and Eye Problems Cause Migraines

We are looking at another case of migraine triggers that are commonly mistaken as actual migraine causes. Migraines are a neurological problem, not a sensory one. In fact, people who get migraines can still suffer from other types of headaches. For example, I’ve suffered from both migraines and headaches behind the eyes; neither one is much fun, but they’re two completely different things.

People With Migraines Are Sickly

How can I make this more clear – Migraines can and will strike anyone, anywhere! They aren’t restricted to any personality type, any illness, any environment, any gender, any age, or any other boundary. They are a universal problem.

Migraines Will Never Go Away

This is only half true… Yes, we don’t have an actual cure for migraines, but we’ve sure become pretty good at managing them. These days there are so many different options for managing your migraines that it’s just a matter of time until you find the one that works for you.

If you’ve been jumping for medication to medication for years without seeing any consistent relief, it may be time to try a natural headache treatment, such as seeing a chiropractor or my personal favorite, The Migraine Relief System.

Unfortunately, as I said at the beginning of today’s entry, migraines remain the most commonly misdiagnosed type of headache out there and so many people suffering from these debilitating and reoccurring headaches will never experience true freedom. That’s one of the meany reasons why I think learning at least a little bit about self-diagnosing your headaches is important for everyone.