Do I need help coping with grief and loss?

The big question many of us have is, “Do I need help coping with grief and loss?” This is a very real question. We all experience grief throughout our lives. 

My personal and professional opinion is that we could all use a helping hand with coping with grief and loss. Grief can be tough for anyone to manage and there is no shame in exploring the options for assistance with it.

Many factors come into play that determines the amount of assistance you need with grief. Let’s explore as the next question will help in determining the first.

“So, how do I cope with it?” This is another good question that I have been asked. There is not only one way to “handle” your grief. Let’s explore a few things that might help towards your first steps of seeking help with grief.

First, we all have different personalities. This alone makes us original. If you are analytical then you may tend to over-analyze your situation with grief. If you are visual you may repeat pictures of your grief instead of analyzing it.

Second, we may perceive the same situation differently depending on our experiences and the meaning we attach to them. The way we view the world (our mapping) is very individualized. What may be a huge bout of grief to me might be a minor inconvenience to you.

Then, one of us may have more resources available to us than others. This often makes searching for assistance more challenging for one person versus another.

Where can I get help coping with grief and loss?

There are many places to reach out to get help with grief. I have found counselors and therapists to be helpful. Psychologists and behavioral health specialists can be a good resource too. 

The aforementioned professionals are decent resources, however, my favorite go-to is a professional with a true experience with grief and a background in resourceful communications and behaviors.

So, where can one of these professionals be found? Look no further than right here! I have experience in both and can help you find from within what you need in coping with grief and loss. 

Grief is hard, but getting help with your grief doesn’t have to be. I was able to learn to manage my grief and I would love to help you learn to manage yours too!

Jeremy Sycks is a NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Trainer, and a Certified Life Coach specializing in Grief Coaching. Jeremy is the founder of the grief coaching program “How to Cope with the Loss of a Loved One.