Three Typical Problems in Weight Loss Workout Plans for Men

Men need workout and weight loss plans that work. There’s something to be said about the quality of the plan. Weight loss workout plans for men should work for the individual man!

Conventional wisdom suggests that success in losing weight is all about the commitment and effort of the man. What happens when you put effort into an inferior weight loss plan with a crappy workout too? Put in all the effort you want! Your weight loss plans will not materialize unless they are effective in and of themselves.

This post will outline the three typical problems most weight loss and workout plans for men share.

And here they are…

Inconvenient Weight Loss or Workout Plans

Men love convenience. They need it. Give a typical guy a shopping list and recipes to eat healthily. Follow up with a detailed workout plan and guess what? He’ll lose the spreadsheets. The average guy is not dumb; just hyper-pragmatic. Don’t give him a complicated plan and expect him to do anything but give it a once-over and then simplify it drastically!

Meals need to be super simple and require cooking sparingly. Let convenience reign! Does it take more than five minutes to prepare to eat? Drop it.

This is one reason I love BistroMD. It’s a weight loss meal delivery service that most definitely meets the criteria for this one.

No Accountability

You cannot suggest that a man is accountable to anyone more so than himself but so many men do not live up to the self-accountability standard. The best weight loss plan for an average man includes adequate accountability. You’ve got to know what to do and how to do it. But you’ve also got to commit to doing it.

For some of us, making commitments to others is more viable than self-commitment. To whom are you committing your fitness efforts? To whom beyond yourself are you willing to commit your weight loss plan?

No Consistency

As with most accomplishments, consistency is the key to fitness. This element of an effective fitness plan for men isn’t as much about the plan as it is the mindset of the man himself.